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Sergio N.

Sergio Navacerrada


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The corporate job

I spent thirteen years working for a big corporation, where I started deploying an enormous billing system for a remarkable Electric Company. I played different roles, from developer to QA Manager of the entire software factory where four hundred members developed and maintained the system.

Reliable Technology, although not the latest. IBM mainframes, Oracle, DB2 and languages like Cobol, Visual Basic or Java. On the other hand, cutting-edge methods, procedures and techniques (CMMI project). My biggest achievement? As QA Manager, the factory reduced defects in production from 12K to 10K changing a dangerous trend. My biggest take away? Mastered MS-Excel, Powerpoint, data treatment and project management.

The side job is in the air

I started flying just for fun, but the thing went semi-pro. I saw flipping airplanes like a good opportunity. I bought/sold five of them in five different countries, flying each plane between operations, what made me build the experience required to initiate the commercial pilot instruction, which I took. I hold a commercial pilot license with instruments rating.

Start-up time

When I hit a plateau in the learning process, I resigned despite the opposition of anyone around me, who thought that was a tough time to do it with unemployment rate through the roof. But navigated my way to land a job in Gibraltar joining a promising start-up. We grew the technical team from two to seven members and I held 20% of shares.

Moved to US where I kept the CTO job working remotely until I decided that it was time to live a full immersion in the Bay Area / Silicon Valley ecosystem. Co-founded a start-up and soon became the CTO. I built the android app and 90% of the back-end. We went through an acceleration process in a reputed accelerator in San Francisco. Nothing like living for three years in a totally different culture to broaden your beliefs. It was a fun ride, learning from fund-raising to minor technical details. I have become expert in android, python and data integration (Ticketfly, Eventbrite, Yelp, Facebook and Ticketea among others). After three years, it was time to go back home with a backpack full of experience and knowledge, the kind of knowledge you cannot find anywhere else.

Giving back

I am deeply concerned about the environment. Thought that I could contribute launching a website to spread the word in spanish, reaching young people in latin america, especially through social networks, where they spend a significant amount of their time. And it is working, we have over 13K followers on facebook and more than 450 articles in our website. Don't miss!


I keep working part-time and remotely from Spain for a San Francisco start-up, updating planeta-vivo on a daily basis and taking jobs as a contractor.

I want to be a person of value who serves to the community, and for that reason I started a podcast where we can make an impact in anyone who is willing to learn from world class entrepreneurs. Deconstructing successful people, analyzing their habits and identifying patterns must, inevitably bring something to the table. And yes, it is beneficial for me too, that will hang out with people with a contagious energy

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